New internet drama 'Pizzaman' gives wannabe actors a break

FROM: Wales Online


A PIZZA delivery man is the subject of a new drama series shot entirely in South Wales.

The takeaway driver is the focus of a £100,000 project dreamed up by filmmakers James Robson and Teilo Trimble.

Robson and Trimble, who met at Newport’s International Film School of Wales nine years ago, reunited last summer to set the camera rolling on Pizzaman.

The 15-part series of short films was shot at locations across Cardiff.

“We wanted to make something that would represent Cardiff in a modern light,” said Teilo, 29.

“We wanted to give everybody an opportunity but we couldn’t pay them and it was all done voluntarily.”

James and Teilo advertised in universities, shops and community centres to find the ultimate low-budget cast.

The pair settled on 39 different parts with railway workers, administrators and hedge-cutters filling available roles. Social networking sites like Facebook and Bebo also helped locate local talent.

“We wanted to give people who were not necessarily in the industry some experience,” said James, 29


“The thought of giving the local community a route into the media is what gets me up in the morning.”

The idea was spawned six years ago when James was working as a pizza delivery man in Cathays – and curious Teilo tagged along with a camera.

“I found it interesting that James was meeting all these weird and wonderful people,” said Teilo.

“You get all these momentary reactions and there was a lot of scope to get lots of actors involved.”

Pizzaman follows the trials and tribulations of a student-turned-delivery man called Taj.

“He’s stuck in a rut and trying to get out,” said James.

“He’s working to save money to go travelling like I did. We’ve drawn on our own experiences – if you didn’t it wouldn’t be real.”

With Teilo’s story – and backing from his Birchgrove-based production company Kapaw Ltd – freelance director James set about writing the script.

It took two months to complete and the series was shot over a hectic fortnight in August,” said James.

“I really wanted to give it a dynamic and every person their own story.

“Financially we took a risk but we really had to make it happen.”

The “gamble” has left James and his new wife Marlene living in his parents’ loft in Rhymney.

But crippling production costs are the least of his worries, as the team battles to cram 38 hours of footage into 90 minutes.

“Everyone I’ve shown it to is very excited and looking forward to seeing the whole series,” said Teilo.

“You don’t necessarily need a huge budget to do it, just a good idea and commitment.”

The fruits of their labours are clear to see – and pre-launch trailers have been well received. Pizzaman will launch online on July 1 next year.

Pictures: Alys Griffiths

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