Filmmakers Teilo Trimble & James Robson

FROM: The Guardian Newspaper


A new online film set in Cardiff and featuring local talent from in the city is due to launch next week.

Pizzaman documents the story of Taj – a Welsh-Asian pizza delivery boy who gets mixed up with his boss and a Welsh Assembly Minister.

The ninety minute film is divided up into 15 episodes – each named after an area of Cardiff, including Cathays, Riverside the A470 and the Wales Millennium Centre. It is set in 43 locations across the city, and was filmed in August last year.

The film developed from a community based project encouraging widening engagement in the media. Director, Cardiff-born James Robson, 30, said he wanted to shoot a feature film but didn't feel it needed to be set away from his home.

Robson said:

"I think a lot of people in Cardiff love that it's being used for drama but it's always being used as a double for London. This is a film for the people of Cardiff and all the people who contributed are Cardiff-based artists.

"We did it all off our own back and it cost £2,000. I want to inspire people."

The first episode will go live online on 1 July here – after which consecutive episodes will run every Tuesday and Thursday.

There will be an official launch party at Cardiff Arts Institute on Tuesday 29 June.

Teilo Trimble who created Pizzaman said:

"The idea came from living on a street in Cardiff where I was in the ethnic and cultural minority - a Welsh White person surrounded by people from various Asian backgrounds, I wanted to interact with this part of the city and felt that it was under-represented in the media and there was a cultural gap emerging.

"Amazingly all this has been done on a shoestring budget and is a example of true recession film making - creating a 15 part drama for next to no budget and ensuring a high quality and innovative end product is no mean feat - I hope it will shock the grant and subsidy addicted media scene in Wales."


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