Cardiff online drama set to feed imagination



Cardiff’s First Internet Drama Series, Pizzaman launches on 1st July, from filmmakers Teilo Trimble and James Robson.

The Drama features a Welsh-Asian Pizza delivery driver Taj- whose life is spiralling out of control as he delivers recession busting calorific meal deals to the weird and wonderful Cardiff public. He crosses paths with a corrupt AM (Assembly Minister) and his own dodgy boss along the way. The 15 x 5 min episodes document 2 weeks of Taj’s life as he works around the clock to secure his future with the love of his life Becky. The series filmed over 16 days in August last year features new talent in front and behind the Camera as Writer/Director James Robson explains “it would have been impossible without the involvement and support of the community, they provided our sets our meals our actors and our crew. They did it without wanting or expecting payment which is really heartening when most people are tightening their belts these days, it was a mammoth undertaking especially without any funding with over 80 locations and a 40 cast members” Teilo adds “I think we had a strong idea and a strong script, it was something that everyone involved could see would benefit not only themselves but the community at large and most importantly we didn’t give up!”

Each episode is named after an area of Cardiff so watch out for your street popping up, not to mention your house or your neighbours, maybe you even know someone in it. The first episode will go live online on 1 July – after which consecutive episodes will run every Tuesday and Thursday. There is a trailer for the movie on the Pizzaman website where the first episode will appear. There will be an official launch party at Cardiff Arts Institute on Tuesday 29 June.

Pizzaman is launched online on the 1st of July 2010


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