Cardiff-based film Pizzaman to Launch Online

FROM: BBC Wales Website


A Cardiff based internet drama featuring new local talent is set to launch later this week.

Pizzaman is the brainchild of filmmakers Teilo Trimble and James Robson. It tells the story of two whirlwind weeks in the life of Welsh/Asian pizza delivery driver Taj, played by Sunny Patel.

During this time he encounters a corrupt Assembly Minister and has to deal with his own blackmailing boss, while working around the clock to secure his future with the love of his life Becky (played by Ruth Giblet). Filmed on a shoestring budget, it features 80 different locations and a 40-strong cast.

Shot over 16 days in August last year, the 90-minute film has been split into 15 episodes. The official film launch will take place at the Cardiff Arts Institute on Tuesday 29 June, with the first episode due to broadcast on the Pizzaman website on 1 July.

Teilo Trimble, series creator/producer explains: "We set out to engage and involve the community and in hindsight without any funding that was a lofty ambition indeed ... people were suspicious to begin with, they weren't sure how genuine our motivation was.

"During the production phase we have engaged with individuals from the Sikh, Iraqi, student, Hindi and Welsh speaking communities in and around Cardiff. The jury is still out to how much the final series engages with these sometimes disparate communities but it's an effort we can be proud of."


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